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1. Comparative ecology and evolution


Conveners: Eloy Revilla (Doñana Biological Station, EBD-CSIC), Spain, and Anton Pauw (Stellenbosch University), South Africa.


Special Invited Lecture* by Ran Nathan (Hebrew University), Israel.


2. Historical biogeography of Mediterranean lineages


Conveners: Jennifer Leonard (Doñana Biological Station, EBD-CSIC), Spain, and Felix Forest (Royal Botanic Gardens), Kew, United Kingdom.


Special Invited Lecture* by Isabel Sanmartín (Royal Botanic Garden, RJB-CSIC), Spain.


3. Current 

biodiversity conservation challenges


Conveners: Begoña García (Pyrinean Institute of Ecology, IPE-CSIC), Spain, and José Lahoz-Monfort (University of Melbourne), Australia.


Special Invited Lecture* by John D. Thompson (Centre for Evolutionary and Functional Ecology, CEFE-CNRS), France.


4. Biodiversity: species interactions, networks, communities and phylogenetics


Conveners: Fernando T. Maestre (University of Rey Juan Carlos), Spain.


Special Invited Lecture* by Miguel Verdú (Desertification Research Centre, CIDE-CSIC), Spain.


5. Evolutionary and ecological drivers of Meditterranean-Type Ecosystems as biodiversity hotspots


Conveners: Pablo Vargas (Royal Botanic Garden, RJB-CSIC), Spain, and Hans Lambers (University of Western Australia), Perth, Australia.


Special Invited Lecture* by Susan Harrison (University of California Davis), USA.


6. Ecophysiology and functional traits


Conveners: Fernando Valladares (National Museum of Natural History, MNCN-CSIC), Spain, and Antonio Gallardo (University of Pablo Olavide), Seville, Spain.


Special Invited Lecture* by David Ackerly (University of California Berkeley), USA.


7. Ecosystem functioning and services: challenges and risks in a changing world


Conveners: Catarina Moura (University of Coimbra), Portugal.


Special Invited Lecture* by Lohengrin Cavieres (University of Concepcion), Chile.


8. Consequences of biotic and environmental global changes for Meditterranean-Type Ecosystems


Conveners: Wolfgang Cramer (Mediterranean Institute for Biodiversity and Ecology, IMBE-CRNS), Aix-en-Provence, France, and Anna Traveset (Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies, IMEDEA-UIB-CSIC), Spain.


Special Invited Lecture* by Guy Midgley (University of Stellenbosch), South Africa.
 * All Special Invited, Opening and Closing Lectures are funded by the Severo Ochoa Program for Centres of Excellence in R+D+I (SEV-2012-0262) at EBD-CSIC