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Poster presentations
In order to encourage participation and discussion daily slots for poster presentation are scheduled. Poster sessions will take place during the coffee-breaks, and will provide an opportunity for discussion in a relaxed setting.
Posters are displayed during the whole congress, and interested people may view the poster even when authors are not in attendance. Although, presenters are required to stand at their posters during the Coffee Break/Poster Session, held closer to his respective session/symposium slot, as it is shown bellow.
Poster Sessions schedule:
  • Coffee Break/Poster Session 1: Wednesday 1st February: 
    • 1A) 10:30-11:30: Sessions S.1, S.2, S.5, S.8 and Symposia Sp.1, Sp.3.
    • 1B) 16:00-17:00: Session S.7 and Symposia Sp.5, Sp.7, Sp.2, Sp14.
  • Coffee Break/Poster Session 2: Thursday 2nd February: 
    • 2A) 10:30-11:30: Session S.4 and Symposia Sp.9, Sp.10, Sp.11, Sp.19, Sp.22.
    • 2B) 16:00-17:00: Session S.6 and Symposia Sp.4, Sp.13, Sp.15, Sp.17, Sp.18, Sp.20.
  • Coffee Break/Poster Session 3: Friday 3rd February: 
    • 3A) 10:30-11:30: Session S.3 and Symposia Sp.6, Sp.8, Sp.12, Sp.21.
Please see the agenda for the XIV MEDECOS & XIII AEET meeting in our web site.
Posters Location: Posters are located by sessions and symposia
  • Posters from Session 1 to 8 and Symposia 1 to 6 will be placed at the terrace of CITIUS-2 (Celestino Mutis building). (see location map here)
  • Posters from Symposia 7 to 22 will be placed at the hall of the School of Biology(see location map here)
Poster presentations must be written in standard English, always PORTRAIT (VERTICAL). Highest Printed format: 841 mm wide x 1000 mm tall.
You´ll be in charge of hanging your poster to his correspondent allocated place. Posters should be attached immediately after registration. Boards are labeled with the code of each poster, in order to facilitate location. When arriving, ask at the Poster Desk at the registration point, furthermore there will be some information points around the poster display area, staffed by a volunteer of the Organization who can help you.
Sticking tapes are supplied at the registration desk, and it is the only method for attaching the poster to the board. Format requested is width 85 cm and height 100cm.
Dismounting will be opened on Friday 3rd, 13:00-13:30 h., after lunch time. Please remove all material from the poster board when you dismount your poster. Posters remaining up after this time may be disposed of.
The Organizing Committee will award the best posters presented by student participants. The selection criterion will be based on: visual style, scientific content, originality of research and effectiveness of communication. Winners will be announced during the Closing Ceremony of the Meeting.