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Oral Presentations
Presentations cannot be uploaded in the session rooms. Do not email your presentation to the Meeting Organisers.
Presenters should bring a copy of their presentation in a USB pendrive and deliver them to the Speaker’s desk at the registration office, as we will upload at that moment. You cannot use your own laptop for your presentation. All presentation files will be deleted from any of our computers after the meeting.
Time slots for oral presentations are very tight, thus in order to guarantee fluid sessions you must deliver your presentation to the Speaker’s desk exactly the day before your talk, please do not do it, either before, or after that. Thus, only presentations scheduled for Wednesday 2nd Feb should be uploaded at registration time on Tuesday 1st Jan. Please be sure to deliver your final and definitive version in time.
If your presentation is scheduled for the morning of Wednesday 1st February, please try to report to the Speaker’s Desk on Tuesday 31st January between 15.00 – 17.00 h.
You will receive your programme, name badge, and other documentation at the Registration Desk. Please note that your name badge will need to be shown as proof of identity in the Speaker’s Desk, before the staff upload your presentation to the system.
Please arrive at your session 15 minutes prior to the published start time of the first talk and make yourself known to your Session Chair.
We strongly encourage speakers to attend their own session in full!
Your presentation time is limited. Please, keep in mind the importance of tightly adjusting to the available time and ensure your talk does not overrun the time it has been allocated. Chairs are encouraged to be prompt to maintain the time schedule. The final programme will be available online by the end of December.
The whole slot given for each talk includes the oral presentation time plus a question time. Please, schedule your talk leaving available at least 5, 2 or 1 minutes for questions in special invited and main talks, standard oral and flash oral presentations respectively. The session chair will keep you to time, signalling when you have 1 minute of speaking time remaining, prior to questions.
Oral and digital presentations are requested to be in English.
The session rooms will be equipped with a PC (Windows) running Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 + Office 2013. PDF and Prezzi presentations are also supported. You cannot use your own laptop for your presentation.
To prevent unforeseen failures and assure proper functioning, please bring a second (backup) copy, a pdf version of your presentation to the Speakers’ Room.
XGA 1024 X 768 is recommended for desktop-size screen resolutions, as it is the lowest resolution available in any of the rooms. Please use common fonts in presentations.
Format of available screens are:
  • Room A, ETSI informática (School of Informatics): 16/9
  • Room B, Facultad de Matemáticas (School of Mathematics): 3/4 & 16/9
  • Room C, Facultad de Biología (School of Biology): 3/4
  • Room D, CITIUS-2: 16/9