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Field Trips
On Saturday, February 4th, are scheduled three alternative all-day trips to:
  • Doñana National Park:
Doñana, besides being one of the largest and most diverse wintering waterfowl areas in Europe, has interesting "monte blanco" and "monte negro" matorral-type vegetation and extremely well preserved mobile coastal dune vegetation.
Organizers: Eloy Revilla.
For further information, please, dowload here the Doñana field trip dossier  
55 people at 60 €/person. Includes a 4-hours guided tour on four-wheel-drive microbuses in the National Park, bus transportation, and lunch.
 © Luis Filpo Cabana [CC BY 3.0]                                    © Blanca Arroyo
  • Alcornocales Natural Park around the Strait of Gibraltar region:
Los Alcornocales is dominated by extensive sclerophyllous cork-oak (Quercus suber), semideciduous oak (Q. canariensis) woodlands and heathlands, with singular endemic and Tertiary relict woody species. 
Organizers: Fernando Ojeda y Lorena Gómez Aparicio. 
For further information, please, dowload here the Alcornocales field trip dossier 
60 people 50 €/person. Includes bus transportation and field trip to the Natural Park and lunch. 
  • Ronda:
Ronda is a historical city founded by the Romans in a region full of Neolithic remains and played an important role during the Muslim period and the reconquest by the Catholic monarchs (8-15th centuries). The town is surrounded by impressive mountains covered by Mediterranean woodlands. Currently, it is a center of modern-style, ecologically-oriented vineyards and wineries.
Organizers: Juan Arroyo, Montse Arista y Marcial Escudero.  
For further information, please, dowload here the Ronda field trip dossier  
25 people at 70 €/person. Includes bus transportation, visit to a vineyard and cellar,wine tasting, lunch, walk in the old town, and visit to Acinipo archaeological site (Roman theater and bains). 
 © CEphoto, Uwe Aranas                                                       © Julia Kostecka [CC BY 2.0]