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Call for Abstract


The call for abstracts has expired on the 5th September, 2016.



Evaluation of Abstracts and acceptance notifications
Contributed papers will be evaluated and selected by the Scientific Committee of the meeting and may be distributed among the Oral Sessions/Symposiums programmed as they support their respective themes.
Accuracy of the abstract is the responsibility of the author(s). Abstracts must be based primarily on unpublished material, should be informative, must report explicitly conclusions and at least preliminary results not based primarily on future work. Those ones that do not comply with the standard required quality will be rejected by the Scientific committee.
Although submitters of abstracts may indicate a preference for a particular session and a particular format of presentation, due to the limited amount of time and space available for oral sessions, and the anticipated large number of submissions, authors may be asked to accommodate their talks in other session/symposium or to give a poster presentation instead of an oral presentation.
Acceptation of contributions will be notified by e-mail in early November and will remain pending of formalization until the organization can verify that the presenter is registered at the meeting, and the correspondent payment has been confirmed. That means that an initially accepted contribution (already notified in early November) can afterwards be rejected for presentation if the payment is not verified prior to the 1st of December. Please note that the Registration for the conference is a separate process.
Late cancellations and failures to give scheduled oral presentations are disruptive and leave gaps in the program. Authors should be confident that they will attend the meeting and make the presentation.

Information about acceptable portable media formats will be further submitted to the authors.